Professio, Inc. provides quality home remodeling services in the Twin Cities. We specialize in high-quality interior and exterior renovation projects.

We are a team of skilled craftsmen who pride ourselves on attention to detail and a commitment to providing our clients with the smoothest renovation experience possible. We work directly with homeowners, designers, and architects to create and renovate living spaces that enhance and add value to the home itself as well as your lifestyle.

Remodeling can be an intimidating prospect. We believe that the key to a successful renovation experience, whether an investment project focused primarily on budget or a higher-end project focused on design and refined finishes, is setting appropriate expectations and then meeting those expectations in an efficient manner. Each project is different, and each client has unique goals and needs. Professio understands this, and has the knowledge and experience to work within the parameters of whatever your circumstances require. 

Nearly 100% of our projects are the result of returning clients or referrals. Take a moment to peruse our projects and contact us with any questions regarding your home renovation project. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project, be it as simple as a window replacement or as extensive as an addition or whole house renovation. We look forward to hearing from you and turning your dream into reality.




At Professio, we are adept at working with a wide variety of projects. We understand that our clients come to us with their own unique scenarios and we work hard to accommodate. We collaborate with clients that have given their project much thought and consideration and know exactly what they want to do before approaching us—perhaps they even have an architect and drawings—while others may only know that they do not like their current living space and are ready for a change. Some of our clients have experienced the remodeling process, while still others are taking the plunge for the first time. Whatever your situation is and whatever your reasons for considering Professio, we thank you. We look forward to working with you to accomplish your home renovation goals.



General Steps Involved in a Project

  1. Phone
    We will discuss the project with you over the phone to determine the viability, and if warranted we will coordinate a home meeting.

  2. Home Meeting
    We meet at your home to refine scope and assess existing conditions. 

  3. Plan
    Most remodeling projects will require a drawing and detailed description of the project to acquire a permit. The drawing and narrative of the project will be used for pricing as well. There are several ways to obtain a drawing and narrative. Options may be discussed during the initial meeting. Some projects require neither drawing nor permit.  

  4. Selections
    Many choices must be made before any project can begin. Plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, tile, flooring, cabinetry, hardware, paint colors, etc. often have lead times, and will need to be ordered ahead of time. We can help guide you through the process, and will direct you to vendors who will provide you with countless options at fair prices.  

  5. Pricing
    Following the selection process, pricing can be completed. Once approved, we will ask for a down payment, solidify scheduling, and acquire the appropriate permits.

  6. Production
    Once we start a project, we work on it continuously as efficiently and effectively as possible until complete. In remodeling there will inevitably be a few surprises outside of our control such as weather, unknowns lurking within the walls, or special order items that may be difficult to procure. In an effort to avoid delays, we schedule indoor work and outdoor work to take advantage of the weather. We inform you immediately if we encounter something unforeseen, and we do our best to consider lead times and order material in a timely manner.

  7. Warranty
    We stand behind our work. If we happen to have a callback for any reason, we take every measure to resolve the issue quickly in an effort to retain your satisfaction.



Joshua Friberg

Founder / Licensed General


Josh's interest in building began early when his uncle put a circular saw in his hands at the age of ten. In high school, he took all of the woodworking and shop classes offered. While attending St. Olaf College, where he ultimately earned a B.A. in biology, he owned and operated a painting business. Many of the homes that he painted required minor carpentry repairs, which were handled in-house as much as possible.

Josh continued his painting business until 2007, when he acquired his building license and formed Professio where he hoped to combine his passion for homes and their construction with an emphasis on customer service. His philosophy is that it is YOUR home—YOU live in it, and YOU should love how it looks and functions. Due to this philosophy, high quality work, and attention to detail, Professio continues to land nearly 100% of its work through client referrals. Josh lives with his wife and four children in Roseville.


Professio, Inc. BBB Business Review

We are proud members of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and have an A+ rating with the BBB.

We are honored to be the recipient of the NARI MN 2018 Excellence in Service Award.